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Optional Activities

2017 Mountain Refresher


Optional Activities

FREE: Conference Fitness Program with Adam Kreek

Adam will lead a pre-breakfast outdoor fitness session. This option is guaranteed to refresh, energize and kick off the conference day for all.

Most importantly, this session is all inclusive: all age, all body shapes, all fitness levels are welcome. If the only people who show up are the three exercise freaks training for their next seven marathons, Adam will sweep the halls knocking on room doors…  That's a joke.

"I look forward to meeting the mother of two who hasn't put on her running shoes in three years, and the manager who knows his beer gut needs to shrink. Get out of bed and join me. We usually get moving at 6:29 am, rain or shine. No one ever regrets showing up." – Adam Kreek

Adam divides the group into three streams: walkers, joggers and runners. He then runs the workout in a way that is inclusive, and no-drop.  Everyone moves together, and feels part of a team. Whether you're training for health, fitness or speed you always feel better after the session. The session is 60 minutes or less.


For a complete list of activities taking place at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis in May, please check with the concierge.

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